NVRD 2023

National Voter Registration Day 2023


September 19th, 2023, is National Voter Registration Day. Every year, millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to register. As a nonpartisan civic holiday celebrated every September, National Voter Registration Day seeks to make sure each one of these Americans has the opportunity to make sure they’re registered to vote before their next election. 

National Voter Registration Day typically involves various activities and events organized by local organizations, government agencies, community groups, and businesses. These activities may include voter registration drives, outreach efforts, online registration tools, and educational campaigns to inform citizens about the importance of voting.

The holiday has been celebrated since 2012 and has gained momentum over the years as a way to increase voter participation and engagement in the democratic process. It is a nonpartisan initiative focused on promoting civic participation and ensuring that all eligible citizens have the opportunity to have their voices heard through voting.

Important 2023 Dates

October 6: Absentee Ballots Available (applications upon request to town clerks)

October 31: General Election Voter Registration Deadline

November 7: General Election Day (Polls open from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)

About National Voter Registration 2023

Because voter turnout tends to be lower in local elections, the power of the individual voter is exponentially magnified. Registering voters at the local level is an unparalleled opportunity to have a decisive impact on the future of our communities.

★ From property taxes and police funding to trash pickup and school curriculum, local officials and the decisions they make have some of the most direct effects on our daily lives. Registering and voting provide residents the opportunity to be active participants in our self-governing democracy and answer these questions that most directly affect our lives and communities.

★ In the last few years, the most contested topics in our national conversation have all revolved around local issues. Whether it’s crime and the role of policing, housing availability, or what’s taught in schools, finding a way forward on these issues calls for engaged communities full of registered voters.

★ Between this year’s state and local elections, next year’s primaries, and the 2024 general election, the next two years are going to be one long voting race to the finish line. Let’s use 2023 to make sure every eligible American is registered and ready to hit the ground voting.

★ This National Voter Registration Day is the last big opportunity we have to reach as many prospective voters as we can before next year’s presidential primaries. If we want our 2024 ballots to truly reflect the will of the American people, let’s make sure all eligible
Americans are registered voters.

Source: nationalvoterregistrationday.org