Enhancing Skills & Transforming Lives

For over sixty years, our mission has been to enhance skills and transform the lives of children and adults with differing abilities throughout Connecticut. SARAH Inc.’s services include Adult Services  Employment Programs, Enrichment Day Programs, and KIDSTEPS Early Intervention Programs. The organization provides support to more than 1,800 children and adults each year.

Our Adult Employment Services provides support to individuals throughout the state. Supported workers are employed in retail, service, and manufacturing jobs throughout the community. Each adult receives personalized services and supports to meet their individual goals. The program staff guides each adult through the various stages of the employment process, including resumes, interviews and internships, on-site job coaching, and ongoing skill development.

SARAH Inc. Employment Services consists of five programs:

  • Transitional Services
  • Individualized Day Vocational (IDV)
  • Individualized Supported Employment (ISE)
  • Group Supported Employment (GSE)
  • Community Supports

Our Adult Enrichment Services Day Programs are located in Westbrook, Madison, and North Haven. These programs utilize a person-centered approach as well as a group instructional model to educate and empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives. The Day Programs offer opportunities to connect with peers, be a part of the community, and work on skills to gain independence in their daily lives.

KIDSTEPS is our Birth to Three Early Intervention Program serving infants and toddlers with differing abilities, including developmental delays and autism. It is one of the largest Birth to Three programs in the state. The KIDSTEPS team of specialists and therapists provides support to children and their families in fifty-one towns throughout Connecticut. The program works closely with families to identify developmental delays and develop a program that builds on communication, motor, socialization, and self-help skills for their child. All KIDSTEPS staff are local and familiar with the communities they serve.