National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2023

SARAH Inc. Celebrates NDEAM!

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is an important annual observance that takes place every October. NDEAM aims to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion and equal employment opportunities for individuals with differing abilities. It serves as a platform to celebrate the diverse talents and contributions these individuals bring to the workforce while also promoting the removal of barriers that hinder their ability to obtain meaningful employment. This year’s theme is “Advancing Access & Equity.”

NDEAM serves as a reminder that a disability should never be a barrier to achieving one’s career aspirations. Through education, awareness, and outreach activities, this observance empowers individuals with differing abilities to pursue their professional goals while encouraging employers to create more inclusive workplaces.

It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments, promote inclusivity, and work towards a society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to thrive in the world of work.

SARAH Inc. Employment Success Stories

SARAH Inc. proudly celebrates the accomplishments of all the individuals we support all year long. In honor of NDEAM, we will be sharing success stories from our Employment Programs throughout the month.

Lauren's Dream Job

Lauren currently works at Grow Together Learning Center in Clinton, CT, as a teacher assistant. Lauren is responsible for assisting the lead teacher and director with supervising the children during the day’s activities at the daycare. Lauren also monitors and interacts with the children during free play, teacher-directed activities, and outside time. Lauren has expressed that this job is her dream job because she loves to work with children and see them learn new things.

“I like watching the children learn new things like art and musical instruments. I also like to read stories to the children, and I like to play with them when I can.” – Lauren 

Whit's Journey

Whit continues to love his job at the US Coast Guard Academy! He enjoys his responsibilities and feels accomplished when completing a task and checking the box off his list. Whit’s positive attitude towards work has helped foster positive, supportive relationships with his fellow coworkers. 

His long-term goals are to help train and support new coworkers with the same guidance and acceptance he received from his peers. Whit’s job coach said Whit had been a “breath of fresh air”! She went on to say that Whit is open and willing to learn new tasks and has grown in building his vocational and social skills.

Volunteering Joy

Morgan enjoyed volunteering with the Guilford Parks and Recreation Department, offering him the opportunity to help with tasks throughout the town.  Pictured here, he is working at the Guilford Community Center, helping with grounds maintenance.  

Our Employment Specialists work hard to help individuals secure volunteer opportunities in the community so that they can get hands-on vocational experience to help them secure gainful employment in the near future.

Stuart's Success Story

Stuart began working at HarborChase Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility in September. Stuart was hired as a part-time dishwasher, working three days per week. Stuart has become an important employee during the busy lunch shift and has earned the respect of his coworkers.

When asked about his work at HarborChase, Stuart said, “Everyone is nice to me, and I like when I get to have lunch there from the chef.” Stuart has continued to gain independence during his shift and can complete many tasks without any support from staff. The employees at HarborChase have been welcoming and supportive of Stuart as he continues to grow and learn.