With Your Can… We Can!!

SARAH Recycles is an innovative work program designed to provide jobs and protect the environment. SARAH supported workers collect donated refundable bottles and cans from recycling bins located across our service area. Each nickel collected goes directly into a paycheck for the work crews. This program has grown tremendously since it’s humble beginnings. SARAH Recycles now processes over one million units each year!!”

SARAH Redemption Center

The SARAH Redemption Center is our new retail endeavor and a natural extension of SARAH Recycles, providing jobs while helping the local economy and protecting the environment. The SARAH Redemption Center LLC, is a for profit, retail business, located at 690 Foxon Road in East Haven and is open to the public from 8 am-3pm Monday-Friday.  This clean and inviting facility is licensed by CT DEEP with 30 state of the art reverse vending machines available for easy and accessible processing. Click Here to visit the SARAH Redemption Center online.

How You Can Help!

  • Instead of leaving your bottles and cans on the curb, bring them to one of the SARAH Recycles collection bins that are located throughout our service area.
  • Process your refundable bottles and cans at the SARAH Redemption Center. You will get your nickel deposit and still support SARAH and our services.

Either way you are helping to provide jobs for people with differing abilities.  At this time we are unable to add any additional  bins in the community..