SARAH, Inc. is committed to providing advocacy, services and support for people with intellectual and other disabilities and to promoting opportunities for full inclusion in their communities. Our goal is to enhance skills and enrich lives.
Thanks to all who contributed in so many different ways to the successful Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony at the SARAH Redemption Center. State Senator Len Fasano and East Haven Mayor Joe Marturo are just a few of the dignitaries joining our many friends in welcoming the Redemption Center to the East Haven community.

Special recognition and thanks go to the SARAH Redemption Center Utility Crew and the SARAH Recycles Crews. The best words to describe the reaction to the Redemption Center and the recycling process are "awe" and "amazement". If there were ever any doubts about the ability of our supported workers to get the job done, those doubts and misperceptions were immediately dispelled by watching the crews in action. They should be as proud of themselves as we are of them! Click for the article published in the New Haven Register.
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