Healthcare Coordination, Clinical and Therapeutic Behavioral Supports

SARAH Inc.’s goal as an agency is to offer a vital link of services and supports to enhance the skills and enrich the lives of the people that we serve. To that end we offer customized supports tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs and interests. These services are ideal for those who succeed with individual attention – whether to find a job, participate more fully in the life of their communities, or to offer assistance in the home.

Healthcare Coordination is a support service available to individuals with complex medical needs living on their own or in their family homes. Provided by a registered nurse, this service is geared to those individuals who need assistance to identify changes in their health status or to manage their complex medical conditions. The Health Care Coordinator ensures there is communication between medical providers and serves as a resource to help improve health outcomes.

Clinical and therapeutic behavioral support services are also available to individuals living at home and in community settings. Professionals in behavior management assess and evaluate individual behavioral and clinical needs and develop behavioral support plans to increase positive responses to improve the individual’s independence and community participation.