National Voter Registration Day 2022


This September 20th is National Voter Registration Day.  

This year marks the ten year anniversary of National Voter Registration Day; a nonpartisan, civic holiday celebrating the unity of organizations and volunteers working together to ensure their communities know their access and rights to vote.  It is the Nation’s largest single-day effort to register voters.

The last several years have continued to present unique and challenging times and one thing remains certain; being a registered voter is still as important as ever.

Federal and state laws exist to protect your right to vote and prohibit discrimination on the basis of a disability.  Did you know that approximately 38.3 million people with disabilities are eligible to vote, which is one out of every six voters?

We encourage our friends, families, and community members to be sure their voice is heard to help bring awareness and continued rights to the disability community. There is great strength in numbers and with more voices as voters, we can continue to make a difference!

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