High School Graduates 2022

It is time to shine Class of 2022! Whether you or your recent grad choose to participate in a graduation ceremony, enjoy a nice meal, or take a well-earned vacation: enjoy this time of celebration as graduation is an incredible milestone to reach. The dedication and confidence that helped get you or your loved one to this point will continue to carry them into the future as they pursue goals, develop skills, and find a way in the world.

SARAH Inc. wants to wish every high school graduate the best in all future endeavors and also offer our supports as new grads transition into this next phase of life. While this a is a very exciting time, it is no secret that navigating life, work, and relationships in the first few years after graduation can be challenging. We look forward to supporting you or your recent grad’s success in any way that we can. 

Our Adult Services programs offer a variety of programs for adults ages 21 years and older with differing abilities. These programs include Enrichment Services and Employment Services. See below to learn more about these programs and please let us know if we can provide any further information.

In addition to our Adult Services, SARAH Inc. also offers Birth to Three Early Intervention Services. Learn more about SARAH Inc. KIDSTEPS by clicking here.

To request a Birth to Three early intervention evaluation, call the toll-free intake Child Development Infoline at 1-800-505-7000 or complete the online referral form on the Birth to Three System web site www.birth23.org.

Enrichment Services

SARAH Inc.’s Enrichment Services are focused on community inclusion and enrichment opportunities. Our three Day Program utilize a group instructional model and are located in Westbrook, Madison, and North Haven. Our Health Care Coordination (HCC) is a support service available to individuals with complex medical needs living on their own or in their family homes.

  • Day Support Programs
  • Health Care Coordination (HCC)
Make an impact in the community
Our Enrichment Services offer robust volunteering opportunities with libraries, Meals on Wheels, and other local organizations. Through volunteering opportunities, you or your loved one can meet new friends, build relationships with other community members, and help make a positive impact.
Enjoy hobbies alongside friends
Interactive art therapy, health and wellness classes, equestrian classes, cooking and art activities, exercise classes: and the list goes on! At our Day Programs, you or your recent high school grad can discover new interests and passions while building social skills and having fun with those around you. 
Pursue personal growth
Our programs encourage self-advocacy and personal growth. Skill building for practical life is implemented through our person-centered programming. Our staff have a passion for service. They are committed to encouraging choice and independence while maintaining safety and well-being.

Employment Services

SARAH Inc.’s Employment Services are focused on helping individuals find jobs that are right for them. Whether you or your recent grad are starting the process and need job training, or ready to begin your job search: these programs are designed to support an individual’s success and ultimately secure meaningful and competitive employment.

  • Transitional Services
  • Individualized Day Vocational (IDV)
  • Individualized Supported Employment (ISE)
  • Group Supported Employment (GSE)
  • Community Supports
Find a program that is best suited
We understand the value of a individualized approach and finding what works best for each person we support. Our Employment Services offer five different programs to choose from based on aligns with an individual's needs and goals. All of these programs are community based and can customized to meet you or your loved one at any point in the job process.
Learn new skills or improve existing ones
These programs focus on building soft skills such as communication and teamwork, as well as hard skills like merchandising and money handling, and so much more. Our Employment Services provide opportunities to strengthen social, emotional, and vocational skills at various jobs, assessment sites, and other places throughout the community.
Increase independence and go after goals
Our programs encourage self-advocacy and personal growth. Skill building for practical life is implemented through our person-centered programming. SARAH Inc. staff have a passion for service and know how to support goals while adhering to our safety and well-being standards. These services are designed to positively impact you or your loved one's career development.

Make the most out of the next phase of life after high school graduation.
Develop your skills Accomplish your goals Have fun Make memories with SARAH Inc.

Contact SARAH Inc.’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Stephanie Cona, at (860) 399-1888 x324 or send an email to marketing@sarah-inc.org to learn more about getting started with SARAH Inc. after graduation.