Frequently Asked Questions

SARAH Inc. provides supports to more than 1400 children and adults throughout Connecticut. Our mission is to Enhance Skills and Transform Lives of All Individuals with Differing Abilities. 

Below we have put together a list of common frequently asked questions that we receive from individuals and families who show interest in our services or are new to our programs. 

We are happy to share this information with you, however we understand that this list may not always have the exact question you are looking for. If you have any other questions that you want answered, or think of anything that should be included on the below list, please email us at and we will respond to you promptly.

Last Updated: 2/7/22

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General Questions About SARAH Inc.

Although vaccinations are strongly recommended, they are not required for an individual to attend services.

Visit our donation page to donate using a PayPal account or send us a check to SARAH Inc. at 1620 Boston Post Road, Westbrook CT 06498. Attn. Stephanie Cona.

You can send an email to or check out our contact us page to join our mailing list.

Ninety-Nine Percent Effective is SARAH Inc’s podcast that addresses all topics that may affect a child or adult with a differing ability in Connecticut. You can learn more and listen to episodes here:

SARAH Inc.'s Adult Services

Employment Services

SARAH Inc. vans are equipped with Dashboard Cameras for the safety of the employees and those in our programs.

Community Assessment sites provide real job experiences. Out of respect for SARAH Inc.’s community partners we ask that you not go to the community assessment site as it can be distracting to the program individuals and disruptive to the business.

Connecticut’s Department of Developmental Services (DDS) requires this documentation as part of the Individualized Employment Program. It allows SARAH Inc. to capture revenue that goes directly back into supporting the program and those we serve.

Transitional Services is a group model, meaning there is one staff for every four to six participants present. Individualized Employment is a different staffing model that provides one to one support by an Employment Specialist during the allotted weekly hours. As a result, the cost is more per hour which reduces the amount of hours that can be provided. The great news is that once the individual gets employed, they can work as many hours as they choose.

Enrichment Services – Day Programs

Enrichment Programs provide adults with differing abilities the opportunity to socialize, learn, share their talents, and gain valuable life skills, as well as explore their community. Services are designed for the adults to get the most enriching experiences possible throughout their days.

We do offer in-house activities, however, we are also very active in the community. Every day we offer volunteer opportunities and recreational outings in the community. SARAH Inc. is always looking for new and diverse community outings, as this is essential for helping adults connect to their local communities.

No, every day the assigned groups change for both staff and people served.

Individuals can enter our program at 21+ and they can stay in our program for as long as they feel it suits them. We also support individuals who are still under the umbrella of the school system. These students sometimes attend SARAH Inc. programs while school is out for the summer – typically these individuals are between 16 and 21.

Enrichment Services – Community Supports Programs

Community Supports has two programs:

Individualized Non-Vocational

Individualized Non-Vocational (IDNV) services are provided one-on-one with the individual outside of their home (though groups may meet up on occasion for specific events). For this program, staff pick up an individual from their home, day program, work, or other locations as appropriate. Those who receive this service engage in skill building and retention by incorporating enriching activities into their lives based on their interests and personal goals. Volunteering is one example of an activity that an individual may choose to participate in. IDNV is focused on community participation and retirement for those of a qualifying age.

In-Home Supports

In-Home Supports are provided one-on-one with the individual and may take place in their residence or in the community. This service is focused on skill building and retention to provide the individual with the skills necessary to maintain their independence in the community with minimal supports. Activities include leisure projects that they’ve taken an interest in, volunteering in the community, and working on self-help skills and gaining independence.

In the Community Supports programs, there are opportunities for peer meet-ups for individuals who are interested. Staff that are scheduled to work with each individual collaborate to plan these types of activities. In-Home Supports also has an option for .IHS-2 and .IHS-3 where one staff member can work with two or three individuals at the same time to engage in small group activities. This type of service must be agreed upon by the team of each individual. It also must be listed on their available services as an option; this includes an agreed upon maximum percentage of weekly hours this type of service can be utilized.

Yes. For example, if an individual chooses to go to the movies or go bowling, the individual should bring their own funds to pay.

SARAH Inc.'s KIDSTEPS Services

General Services Questions

Anyone can make a referral for an evaluation from Birth to Three. You can call the Child Development Infoline at 1-800-505-7000 or make an online referral at If you would like KIDSTEPS to complete the evaluation you can specifically request our program if you choose.

We understand that every family is different, so how often our staff visit is determined by the team. You are a part of the team. Some families want supports once a week while other families’ schedules are better accommodated by receiving supports once a month. Birth to Three is a family centered program; we will work with you to find what is best for your current situation whether that is once a week or something in between.

We use a primary service provider approach to providing services, where we match the best transdisciplinary provider to meet a family’s needs. This means that all disciplines understand and can facilitate the development of early childhood skills. Thus the therapist working with you and your child, is very knowledgeable and can assist you with helping your child meet the goals you have identified. If at any time, you and your therapist need more support, you have the rest of the team of therapists to help!


Evaluations are usually scheduled to last 1.5 hours.

At least one parent/Guardian must be present at the evaluation.

If your child is found eligible, the people conducting the evaluation will explain the next steps you. If it is determined that your child is not eligible for B23 services, the evaluators will provide you with additional information on this as well. 

Evaluations are primarily scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Our evaluators do their best to provide varied scheduling options to accommodate your schedule within the work week.

Our evaluators bring everything they need to provide the evaluation for your child. We do ask if you have pets, to please have them secured in another room at the time of the evaluation/visit.


You will never receive a bill from KIDSTEPS or the CT Birth to Three system; however, we will ask you whether you will give us consent to try to bill your insurance company to recoup any of the cost for the services. If you agree to allow this and your insurance denies payment for the service, you will NOT be required to pay for them out-of-pocket. Before giving consent, you will want to know whether your insurance company is “self-funded”. For more information see the System of Payments Policy for Families.

Have a question that was not answered? Please email us at and we will be happy to help you find the answers you need!