Autism Acceptance Month 2022

This April we invite you to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with SARAH Inc. 

Autism Acceptance Month began the first of the month and then is immediately followed by World Autism Awareness Day, which was celebrated globally on April 2, 2022. You can read a formal proclamation announcing this from the White House Briefing Room here.

In year’s past April was referred to as Autism Awareness Month and it was dedicated to empowering, celebrating and raising awareness for autistic individuals and their families. This change of terminology builds upon this foundation and the momentum that years of Autism Awareness Month has generated. Shifting the conversation from awareness to acceptance helps foster understanding and emphasizes the need for inclusion in our workplaces and communities. One way in which this can be made possible is by improving existing supports and making space for more opportunities in which individuals with autism can build meaningful relationships in their communities, pursue their goals, and live their lives fully.

Celebrating our differences and practicing kindness is a great start, not just in April but in every month of the year. Additionally when we work together through advocacy and providing the best possible programs and supports to those who require them, we can look towards the future to create a more inclusive environment for all. This month we can all try to learn more about what autism is in effort to understand what life is like for a person with a different perspective. A diverse, accepting and kind community can thrive when it is founded on a mutual understanding of the human condition and an aspiration to create a better world.

“In 2021, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 44 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to 2018 data.

  • 1 in 27 boys identified with autism
  • 1 in 116 girls identified with autism
  • Early intervention affords the best opportunity to support healthy development and deliver benefits across the lifespan.” 

You can read more about Autism Statistics and Facts by visiting

If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism.

Every person's autism experience is unique.

Autism impacts people in different ways. Autism is a spectrum disorder that encompasses a range of linked conditions, singular symptoms and/or traits. There is still a lot to learn about what causes Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how it impacts each individual person. Some people may require more supports while others can go about their lives with little to none. SARAH Inc. offers a variety of programs for people that are looking for different levels of support and direct care.

At SARAH Inc. we strive to deliver high-quality, practical and impactful services to all people.

At SARAH Inc. we offer services and supports for people with a range of both intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Adult Services include Enrichment and Employment based programs. A typical day in our Enrichment Services may involve learning computer skills, arts and crafts, volunteering at local businesses, or engaging in other community experiences. Our Employment Services provide students, schools, and families with extensive transition planning and supports to ensure that students with support needs and other differing abilities have a variety of work experiences to enhance their career development. In addition, our Transitional Services are designed for those in career exploration phase of their life. This program develops customized, individual plans with goals to help people secure satisfying employment.

SARAH Inc. KIDSTEPS is a comprehensive Birth to Three program that also has an autism designation. The CDC notes that some children may show ASD symptoms in the first 12 months of life, while others may not show symptoms until 24 months or even later. Our dedicated teams at SARAH Inc. KIDSTEPS work with children and their families to identify developmental milestones and develop a plan of action together for every step of the way until the child is ready to exit the CT Birth to Three System. This plan is typically outlined in the form of an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and is written together to reflect the individual needs of the child and the family. Services, supports, and skill building opportunities are then provided towards achieving these goals. 

How to Request an Early Intervention Evaluation

To request a Birth to Three early intervention evaluation you can:
A) Call the toll-free intake phone number at Child Development Infoline 1-800-505-7000
B) Complete the online referral form on the Birth to Three System web site
C) Download the referral form from the Birth to Three Website and Fax your referral to 1-800-571-6853

If you would like KIDSTEPS to provide the evaluation you can request us by name during the intake process. Otherwise, your child will be assigned to the program in your town that is next on rotation. Please contact Stephanie Cona at 860-399-1888 ext. 324 if you have any questions.