Spring 2021 News and Updates

Denise - CEO of SARAH Inc.

A Message from the CEO

Spring is a time of the year where we can focus on new growth. The last 12 months challenged us all in ways we could never have foreseen, but with the help of SARAH Inc.’s dedicated staff and Board of Directors, we were able to persevere. We are using this year to rebuild and redefine the programs here at SARAH Inc. so we can continue to offer the highest-quality services that we are best known for providing. We look forward to sharing all of our new experiences with all of you.

Catch Up On All Things Happening At SARAH Inc.!

Employment Services...

The Transitional Services program is excited to announce our new partnership with RagTop Industries in Hamden. We recently took a tour of their facility which includes a retail area, work shop, kiln, and office. Pete, the owner, and his active staff are local firefighters and they work to refurbish professional fire helmets. After the tour with Pete, we were excited to see this partnership move forward. We have multiple Transitional Services crews that will go in Monday-Friday from 9am to 1pm to gain hands on work experience in a creative new environment. Additionally, RagTop has offered one of the individuals in the Individualized Supported Employment (ISE) program a competitive employment position. There are further discussions about other potential opportunities in the works, but you will have to stay tuned to find out more!

Enrichment Services...

The Community Supports program enjoys volunteering and helping out however we can! Casey D. volunteers at the Wallingford YMCA and at the Wallingford Walgreens. Casey enjoys being able to see his friends and neighbors while giving back his time to his community. He also enjoys the positive communication and recognition from the customers and employees while cleaning and stocking at Walgreens.

At the YMCA, staff and patrons look forward to seeing Casey every Monday, and he enjoys doing his part to ensure everyone’s safety. Casey appreciates the compliments and positive feedback he gets from the customers, employees, and patrons. According to Casey this aspect of volunteering gives him a sense of accomplishment and community engagement.

One of our North Haven crews is also happy to be back in their local community volunteering. It has been great to spend time together helping others. This wonderful Spring weather has made it even better! This month, these adults helped delivered groceries to people in their local communities. They did an amazing job giving back and creating positive impact. 

If you are looking for volunteers this Spring and Summer please reach out to Stephanie Cona at 860-399-1888 ext. 324 and we will set something up

Additionally, The Day Programs in Westbrook and Madison have been attending equestrian therapy classes at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc. Each time we go there and spend time with the horses, we are reminded of the emotional connection and therapeutic experience that these animals can provide. Interacting with animals is a great way to boost our mood and relieve stress. Not to mention, we sure have a lot of fun!

Founded in 1974, High Hopes has spent over 45 years making a positive impact in the communities of the Lower Connecticut River Valley region. We look forward to continuing our therapeutic lessons with them!

KIDSTEPS Early Intervention Services

April is National Autism Awareness Month. During National Autism Awareness Month, we focus on increasing autism awareness and celebrating our differences together. Tens of thousands of individuals across the globe are diagnosed with autism each year. This month, we encourage everyone to take the time to learn more about autism. Autism is a spectrum disorder that encompasses a range of linked conditions, singular symptoms and/or traits. This is what makes autism so unique and different than any other disorder. 
A good way to kick off the month is to spend some time cultivating patience, kindness, and a passion to learn more. We can work together to increase awareness throughout all of our communities during National Autism Awareness Month. 

Moreover, Our KIDSTEPS program is now providing Autism Services to more children and their families than ever before. We recently expanded our Birth to Three services from 31 to 50 towns throughout Connecticut. We take pride in the consistent high-quality services our teams provide, even as our program continues to grow. 

To request a Birth to Three Early Intervention evaluation you can:
A) Call the toll-free intake phone number at Child Development Infoline 1-800-505-7000
B) Complete the online referral form on the Birth to Three System web site www.birth23.org
C) Download the referral form from the Birth to Three Website and Fax your referral to 1-800-571-6853

If you would like KIDSTEPS to provide the evaluation you must request us by name during the intake process. Otherwise, your child will be assigned to the program in your town that is next on rotation. Please contact the us at (860) 399-1888 ext. 324 if you have any questions.

Other Happenings at SARAH Inc.

The 2021 Legislative Session has started and we are about half way through! One of the services we provide includes advocacy for those we serve during the legislative sessions. Every year, SARAH Inc. works with those in our programs, families, community partners, and our Board of Directors to craft a unified message and advocate for the needs of our population and employees. This year we have already given virtual testimony at several public hearings and submitted written testimonies to support an increase in funding for essential non-profits, providing the state non-profit grant program, and more. This is the time to have all our voices heard and we are proud to be a part of this process.

We want to encourage all of you to use this Legislative Session to reach out to your representatives and help make a difference by asking for a funding increase for non-profits. Contact your legislators here: http://ctnonprofitalliance.org/contact-your-legislator/

This year on World Down Syndrome Day, we wanted to come together as an agency to raise awareness and celebrate the continued success of all individuals with differing abilities around the world with our very own #RockYourSocks event. All of us at SARAH Inc. came together and shared pictures of our fun, bright, mismatched, unique socks on World Down Syndrome Day. Check out this year’s Rock Your Socks photos, like and share our album on Facebook to help spread positivity and awareness! 

But we aren’t done yet, we want to motivate you to learn more about Down Syndrome. If you are looking for a reliable resource to learn more about Down Syndrome, then check out this article from the CDC.

SARAH Solutions Podcast: Ninety-Nine Percent Effective

Joining George and Tesha this episode is Quentin “Q” Phipps. Q is a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives from the 100th district in Middlesex County. Representative Phipps discusses the importance of being involved in the legislative sessions and how best to have your voice heard. In this episode you will learn how you can truly make a positive impact in your community.
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High School Graduates!

We know how much hard-work and dedication goes into achieving such a remarkable milestone. As you close this chapter of your life and look to begin the next, we hope that you consider joining us at SARAH Inc.

SARAH Inc. offers a variety of services for adults with differing abilities. Click on the “Services” tab on our banner at the top of the page to learn more about our Employment and Enrichment services. 

Together we can help you continue to make 2021 a year filled with exciting opportunities, achievements, and personal growth!

If you would like to learn more about our programs or schedule a tour please send us an email or call us at (860) 399-1888 ext. 324