Adult Services: New Grads 2021

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High School Graduates!

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We know how much hard-work and dedication goes into achieving such a remarkable milestone. As you close this chapter of your life and look to begin the next, we hope that you consider joining us at SARAH Inc.

SARAH Inc. offers a variety of services for adults with differing abilities. See below for a closer look at our Employment and Enrichment services. 

Together we can help you continue to make 2021 a year filled with exciting opportunities, achievements, and personal growth! 

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Employment Services

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These services focus on providing support for individuals seeking meaningful employment. Together we will develop a customized plan based on your needs and aspirations. From the development of skills and tools relevant to your field of interest, all the way to helping ease into the new job: we provide supports each step of the way.

Transitional Services

Work one-on-one with the individuals in our programs to develop the skills and tools needed in an everyday work environment. We provide hands-on training at our community partner locations. Additionally, our educational curriculum will provide an all-inclusive approach to skill development.

Individualized Day Vocational

Looking to apply for a job? Our employment specialists are here to aid in every step of the process. This includes: interview preparation, professional development, additional training to further advance the necessary skills in your chosen field, and more! 

Individualized Supported Employment

When you are ready to start your new role, we are ready to provide support as needed. Employment Specialists will help you transition into your job, with the ultimate goal being that you are able to continue this role independently and successfully. 

Enrichment Services

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Enrichment Services focus on community inclusion and life enrichment opportunities. These programs are offered in both group supported and individualized settings depending on the person’s needs. 

Day Programs

Our Day Programs are located in Westbrook, Madison, and North Haven. SARAH Inc.’s Day Programs offer you the opportunity to build upon social and life skills. In addition to volunteering out in our local communities, our day includes enriching experiences such as Equestrian Therapy courses, nutrition and cooking classes, and exercise classes. 

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Community Supports

Using a 1:1 structure the Community Supports programs: Individualized Day and In-Home Supports, allow our staff to focus directly on an individual’s needs, dreams, and goals.

Individualized Day Non-Vocational

The Individualized Day Non-Vocational (IDNV) program is focused on community engagement, skill development, and is customized to align with your interests and personal goals. IDNV promotes personal growth and development through the incorporation of life enriching activities such as volunteering or working on computer skills at the local library.

In-Home Support

The In-Home Supports (IHS) program can be offered inside of a home or out in the community. A day with IHS may include: household routines or responsibilities, assistance with medical appointments, or support with accessing the community to engage in social activities. 

Are you or someone you know graduating high school soon? Are you looking for more information on how to get started with SARAH Inc.?

Contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Stephanie Cona, at (860) 399-1888 x324 or send an email to to learn more!