Pat Bourne’s Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, Shoreline Times, August 3, 2017

It’s frightening to think about SARAH closing its doors or programs after being a part of our communities for three decades. But SARAH’s day programs DID close its doors on July 26 and is being forced to do so one day every month through the rest of the fiscal year.

From the earliest days of the Apple Doll House restaurant to today’s KIDSTEPS Family Services — SARAH is recognized for serving hundreds of people of all ages with differing abilities. Participants deliver meals and library books to our homebound neighbors, bag our groceries, recycle our bottles and so much more.

As of this writing, the State still has no budget, so the Governor instituted an emergency plan that cuts millions of dollars from social service programs.  The State informed SARAH, Inc., that it will not pay for Employment and Day services at least 1 day per month. And that is only the beginning. There is more to come.

This means that more than 200 adults with differing abilities will be forced to stay home through no fault of their own. It means that their families and caregivers must scramble to provide care or take a day off from work. It means that our hard working, dedicated employees will lose a day’s pay.

Help keep SARAH’s doors open by contacting our Governor and Legislature. We won’t stand for balancing budgets on the backs of our lowest paid and most vulnerable neighbors – not in our towns; not anywhere.

Patricia Bourne

Executive Director SARAH Inc.

Westbrook, CT