Early Intervention supervisor Julie Hall has been with KIDSTEPS 20 years.  “I have seen lots of growth at KIDSTEPS…I am currently serving under my 4th Executive Director and 3rd Director of Children’s Services. When I started, KIDSTEPS was in a shared space with the Adult Day Program in Branford and then moved to Madison where they had a one room office in a historic building on the town green. Since then, KIDSTEPS has moved at least 6 more times before landing in Hamden this past December. I have been fortunate to grow along with KIDSTEPS professionally. I started out as recent university graduate of Physical Therapy and have further developed my skills working with the young children and families we serve. I have been able to take those skills and now apply them in a supportive role with my colleagues at KIDSTEPS as the Early Intervention Supervisor.”  Thank you for your service, Julie!!   Interested in joining the SARAH Inc. team?  We’re hiring. Click HERE.