SARAH community experience and enrichment services are blended to offer a menu of choices and are ideal for those who cannot or choose not to work full time, but want a variety of opportunities to learn new skills and to remain active in the communities in which they live.

SARAH In Action Enrichment programs are blended to offer a menu of choices based on each person’s needs and desires, including but not limited to:

  • Work and Life Skills Training
  • Social Skills Development
  • Social and Leisure Activities
  • Volunteer and other Community Experiences

A typical day may involve learning computer skills, arts and crafts or delivering Meals on Wheels and similar volunteer projects.

SARAH community experience and enrichment programs are located in North Haven, Madison, and Westbrook and serve individuals in communities throughout these areas.


SARAH in Action Westbrook Newsletter Next Chapter Book Club

The SARAH in Action Westbrook program has partnered with the Westbrook Public Library which sponsors The Next Chapter Book Club to provide our Individuals an enriching experience of reading together in a public setting.  The Next Chapter Book Club is facilitated by Brittany Pearson Assistant Librarian from the Westbrook Public Library, a volunteer and Direct Support Staff from SARAH, Inc. (Westbrook Program) who read from a selected of book with individuals from the SARAH in Action Westbrook Program.  Direct Support Staff Elissa says “everyone follows along with the story and everyone takes a turn reading and seem to enjoy reading with each other.

The Next Chapter Book Club meets once a week each Friday for one hour at Dunkin Donuts.  This is a wonderful learning experience and seems to be an enjoyable time shared by all.  For example, Lori says” I like seeing the workers and I like reading.  We are reading a book called *the soldier and there are names in the book the same as my mom and my aunt.”  Another individual Ellen says “I love it because it gives me something to do and I love the group.  It’s nice because I learn things.  It gives me a chance to read.”  And Susannah says “I like seeing my friend Brittany and I like answering her questions about the book.”

Though the SARAH in Action Westbrook Program is currently the only group attending the newly formed Next Chapter Book Club meetings, this program is open to individuals with disabilities looking to join and is looking for volunteers.

With the hope to bring more awareness to this enriching program and for further information, please contact Brittany Pearson at 860-399-6422.

*(Love You, Soldier is a book about a Dad who goes off to War during World War ll)