Are you a business looking for help and want to get the job done with reliable workers?? Employ SARAH!

SARAH Inc. workers are already competitively employed in retail, manufacturing, food service, and other businesses throughout our communities. These businesses know that partnering with SARAH, Inc. is
a good investment.

We Provide:

  • Trained, reliable interns, apprentices, and workers to fill your critical vacancies.
  • On-the-job training and supervision to get workers started.
  • Work Site assessments to ensure a good job match.

“Honeywell Fire Systems has partnered with SARAH Inc. for more than 20 years to fulfill its employment needs.  Our experience has been a positive and a fiscally sound one”
– North Haven, Human Resource Manager, Honeywell Fire Systems Americas

“We have had a SARAH Inc. crew for a couple decades now. They come in Monday through Friday everyday and take care of cleaning the store before the staff and customers arrive.  We love having them, they are part of the family.”
– Guilford, Marketing Director and Pick Your Own Manager, Bishops Orchards

“It makes work an uplifting experience when you are greeted by coworkers who are so happy to be at work.  The SARAH workers are always focusing on what is right, they are always smiling.”
– North Haven Big Y Manager

For more information and to join our growing list of business partners contact Jen, Director of Day and Employment Services at 860-399-1888 ext. 311 or by using our contact form.